We believe incentives work because people want them. They want and need to be told what is expected of them and why. They also have the eagerness to meet expectations when they are doing a good job. By providing tangible awards for quality performance that is consistent with the company’s goals, both long and short term, an incentive trip appeals to people’s inner need for recognition and creates a further desire to stay an accomplished team player in the future.

Most significant, incentive programs enable companies to increase sales and profits without a substantial financial investment. When structured properly, the program will pay for itself out of the profits or cost savings that it generates.

Planning for Your Incentive:

During the initial planning session, you will assist our team to identify your precise objectives.  This will ensure that all your goals will be  communicated and understood during the development of the incentive planning.  You will be assured that every aspect will be covered for your event.  This will include the selection of the creative theme to the final evaluations.

We carefully analyze all factors including the format of your incentive trip/meetings, including the proper location, time of year and budget constraints that are provided.  Using our negotiating skills, you will find the total program is as cost efficient as possible for the particular area and facilities selected.  All expenses are monitored in order to avoid any unexpected expenses. 


The Incentive Process:

When we plan your event, your objectives will help us determine where we will search for the proper facilities, location, personal preferences, types of recreational activities and many other factors that are carefully considered to produce a winning designation.  A comprehensive inspection tour is included at the selected site and with all other vendors we choose to use for the incentive trip.  As your planning partner, we carefully listen to your input in order for us to make the final decision(s) with confidence. 

We can determine the exact needs of your program by calculating in detail all necessary requirements, such as the number of guest rooms and suites, food and beverage quantities, meeting room sizes and scheduling information that also includes negotiated and precise contract rates with each considered hotel and vendor before we make the final decision. 

Our hotel contracts have "No Surprises" in order to eliminate any unplanned expenses or additions which are normally expected from hotels.  Our years of experience have taught us how to include real cost for all services pertaining to the contract.  If you are not aware of how these costs are figured, it may cost you more money by doing it yourself.

We have a full range of creative services that are available to make your program as powerful as you want them to be. We can help you produce every aspect of your presentation from the arrival of the group, the impact of your team-building meetings as well as the details and design of your award banquet(s).